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Magnetorheological Technology

What is Magnetorheological

technology? What it use for? How it works?

What is magnetorheological material?
Magnetorheological fluid is an intelligent fluid material that can control rheological properties (such as kinematic viscosity, shear stress between liquids, yield strength of solid-liquid transition, plastic modulus of liquids and so on) by adjust the magnitude of the magnetic field. It is a solid-liquid two-phase suspension composed of base fluid and magnetizable particles. Under the action of an external magnetic field, it can instantly change from a fluid with good fluidity to a viscoelastic solid, the yield stress can reach 50-100kPa, and the apparent viscosity can be increased by 100,000-1,000,000 times. When the magnetic field is removed, the magnetorheological fluid can be transformed from its original viscoelastic solid to a fluid state again. Therefore, the viscosity (fluidity) of the fluid can be regulated by the magnitude of the surrounding magnetic field. Magnetorheological fluids have the advantages of low conversion energy consumption, easy control, and fast response time (millisecond response), which have broad application prospects in many fields such as aviation, precision polishing, automotive and civil engineering.
What is the application of magnetorheological fluid?

As a new type of controllable fluid, magnetorheological fluid has very outstanding performance, mainly for fast solid-liquid performance conversion, simple magnetic field layout, low energy consumption and so on. Thus, it has a broad application prospect, such as automotive, military, construction, bridge, medical, precision polishing and intelligent robotics. The mature products include automotive electromagnetic dampers, building seismic dampers, bridge anti-swing dampers, prosthetic limbs, magnetorheological polishing equipment and so on, and the application of magnetorheological fluid is still expanding.

How much does magnetorheological fluid cost?
The price of magnetorheological (MR) fluid depends on different application & formulation, the price Range is 140.00 – 490.00 USD/Liter.

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