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New Magnetorheological technology to product nano-magnetorheological fluid
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Bohai New Materials focuses on the research and developmentof MR materials and Magnetorheological technology.

After years of research and development, the company has successfully developed a new nano-magnetorheological fluid with high rheological properties, high anti-sedimentation, and long using life. The magnetorheological electronic control damper developed based on this material can be widely used in automation, industrial robots, transportation, construction machinery, aerospace industry and other fields. 


Provide professional, timely service, and high-quality, cost-effective products.

Professional Team

The company has been dedicated to the research and development of MR materials and Magnetorheological technology for more than 14 years, with a team of international background  materials develop engineers , a materials research team represented by professors from key universities in US and China.

High Performance Materials

As the core material of a high-end active damping system, the oil-based MR fluids we developed has the characteristics of high dispersion, anti-settling and high durability; The water-based MR fluids suitable for precision instrument grinding and polishing, the fluid has the characteristics of high removal rate, high stability and high durability with superior performance.

Independent Intellectual Property Rights

Our Magnetorheological technology and products have completely independent intellectual property rights, we possess more than 30 patents in US, Europe, Japan and China.

MR Applications R&D

In addition to MR materials, we have also developed MR application technologies, including various types of dampers, controllers, control algorithms, etc., to provide a full range of services of MR technology.

High Cost-Performance

Our materials are superior in performance and the price is also more advantageous, and can be customized according to customer needs, with high cost-performance.

Technical Service Guarantee

While delivering the products, we also provide complete technical support and services, including product customization, design solutions, control software development, testing, after-sales service, etc., to make it easier for you to apply MR technology.

OUR Patents

Japan Patent 

European Patent

US Patent

About our LAB

Bohai New Materials Technology 

Inspection Equipment

TESCAN VEGA3 Scanning Electron Microscope

BET Inspection

MCR302 Magnetorheometer

X-ray Diffractometer

Laser particle size analyzer

VSM Powder hysteresis loop testing

Featured customer reviews.

Michael Robertson

The anti-settling performance is good, the damping force in the damper varies widely, and the fluid has a good compatibility with the damper we used. The customer service is thoughtful, and the response to the problem is also very timely.

George England

The formula can be adjusted according to actual needs. There are many types of – magnetorheological fluids to choose. All three products are used, among them, A186 can provide greater damping force. The anti-settling properties are excellent, no obvious hardening phenomenon is seen, and it is recommended for everyone to use it.

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