High Performance

Magnetorheological Fluids

Magnetorheological Fluids (MR or MRF) are intelligent fluids whose rheological properties change from a fluid to a viscoelastic solid when passing through a magnetic field. Due to the mechanical properties of this material can be precisely controlled, it can be widely used in fields such as vibration damping, buffering, noise reduction, and precision processing.

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High Performance Magnetorheological Fluids & Electro MR Dampers (linear & rotary)
Device design (mechanical, magnetic circuit & coils), control & algorithm system

MR Application Controller

Bohai magnetorheological application controller  uses 9-36v wide voltage power supply, integrates STM32H7 480Mhz high-speed processor, configuration screen with human-machine interface, multi-channel I2C, UART, IO, AD / DA peripheral interface. Users can select different types of sensors to build control systems and customize control logic and algorithms according to application requirements.

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